Frequently Asked Questions

What is self-regulation?

Self regulation is the learned human ability to control our natural human urges as well as certain bodily functions including our Autonomous Nervous System.

Can anyone learn self regulation?

All human beings can learn self regulation if they desire to do so and practice the techniques taught in this course. 

Where is ASR taught?

For now ASR is taught to individuals and groups online via Zoom, Google hangout and other virtual conferencing platforms.

How long is the course?

The full ASR program length is dependent on the desire and engagement of the student or group.

What is the cost of ASR?

Pricing depends on the number of students and time desired.

How long does it take to master self-regulation?

The more the student practices, the faster they will be able to modulate their auto immune system and responses leading them to have mastery of their own self regulation.